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“To keep the body in good health is a duty….. otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear “


Powerbase uses the Emotional Intelligence framework as a backdrop to working with leaders, high-value individual contributors and teams to develop a context of trust in order to:
  • Inspire deep motivation
  • Achieve smooth operational execution
  • Facilitate effective teamwork
  • Create a readiness for change

Powering Leaders





The Harvard Business Review comment on the importance of business writing is:

“ A Company is only as good as its writing”

To address your specific business writing needs and ensure that output consistently enhances your brand, PowerBase offers tailor-made individual coaching plans and group workshop programmes.


Typical elements include:

•  Use of Plain English for Business Writing

•  Essential Grammar for Business Writing

•  Business Email Writing

•  Business Report Writing

•  Business Brief Writing

•  Written Complaint Handling

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Powering Teams

Language Proficiency 

It is widely recognised that in today’s commercial environment, powerful  presentation skills are crucial for any organisation to make impact and differentiate itself from its competitors. All individuals presenting an organisation need to be thoroughly prepared and have the confidence and skills required to engage and motivate the audience and reflect the brand.


The PowerBase team work with leaders and teams in the design and delivery of one-to-one coaching programmes and group workshops to ensure leading-edge performance and desired results.


Typical elements include:

•  Presentation Preparation Process

•  Power of Language in Presentations

•  Developing and refining Presentation Delivery

•  Presenting with EQ for maximum impact  


Assessments Tools

Organisations in the Gulf region are able recruit people with high levels of technical expertise and job knowledge. A major challenge is that few of these individuals will be communicating in their first language and levels of proficiency and fluency vary dramatically.   

Unless this situation is recognised and addressed, the inevitable  outcomes are reduced confidence and motivation, poor customer service and significant risk to brand reputation


Typical elements include:

•  Business language assessments for recruitment and development programmes

•  One-to-one Coaching Programmes

•  Small Group Workshops: Language and Grammar for

            o   Business Conversation

            o   Business Writing

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The past 10 years have seen an explosion in the volume and type of communication channels at home and in the workplace.

In the commercial context, individuals are now expected to be able to communicate effectively in person, by telephone, Skype, email, in presentations, reports, webinars – not to mention the plethora of social media platforms. This challenge is further compounded in the Middle East region by the fact that the majority of the workforce is required to communicate in a language other than their first language.


All of this presents a real risk to organisations in terms of serious breakdown in internal efficiencies, poor customer service and damage to brand image and credibility.


PowerBase works with clients to ensure that their teams develop and apply outstanding Business Communication skills, to generate long-term business success and personal growth.

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