Employee Engagement through Wellness 



Promoting Wellbeing

GoVida is the “go to” platform for employee

wellness and health improvement.
Originally developed and launched in the  
UK, the program has enjoyed market leading levels
of adoption.
The smart phone app and employer portal provides
the holistic solution organisations need to promote
physical and mental wellbeing and encourage
work life balance.
The Feedback
 "We have noticed an increase in employee engagement in wellbeing initiatives across all grades largely driven by GoVida" BDO 

Workplace Wellness Facts


  • 7/10 employees believe wellness isn't taken seriously enough   

     Gartner 2019 

  • 59% of global workforce is disengaged 

     Peakon 2020

  • Burnout costs the global economy $323.4 billion / year 

     Peakon 2020 

   For every 1 point increase in     "having a caring and supportive  boss", there is a 9% increase in      engagement 

World Economic Forum & Right Associates 2016 

"The Boss Cares"

GoVida’s mission is to improve the health and wellbeing of the working population. We provide enterprises and their teams with an innovative, engaging application that has real impact on both their physical and mental wellbeing.

Our platform powerfully demonstrates to employees that “the boss really does care” by promoting positive wellbeing activities whilst rewarding them for doing so.


GoVida incentivises users to carry out positive, sustainable wellbeing activities, creating good habits and encouraging work life balance.


Your colleagues earn GoVida Points automatically from their daily wellbeing activities such as their Daily Steps, listening to Meditations and completing our Individual and Team Challenges.


GoVida Points are redeemed for Rewards within our Reward Catalogue. Plus users can support their Company's Charities through their positive wellbeing activities. 


Promote your positive wellbeing message to your colleagues and view and analyse its impact on employee wellness and engagement within your employer portal

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GoVida is an investment in people through technology

Engagement is the key.
Over 70% GoVida users are active on the platform every day.

Data insights on wellness 
Driving & Monitoring Engagement 
Promoting wellness initiatives
Incentivising with rewards
Supporting Charity Fund Raising 

GoVida Rewards Partners

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Want to energise your team with GoVida?

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