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Why Employee Wellness? 
Over recent years, the Middle East has undergone a significant change in thinking on the importance of investing in the maintenance of a healthy, balanced and subsequently engaged workforce. 
In addition to facing changes in healthcare legislation and soaring medical insurance costs, employers are becoming more aware of the direct costs of sickness absenteeism as they seriously affect productivity and engagement levels. The COVID 19 global pandemic has served to further highlight the importance of monitoring and supporting employee wellness. 
According to Harvard studies, introducing health and wellness programs into the workplace can decrease healthcare costs, leading to lower health insurance premiums and reduce absenteeism due to illness. 
As well as supporting a healthier, more engaged and loyal workforce, this enhances the employer's credibility and subsequent ability to attract new talent. 
Quite simply:
Take care of your employees and they will do the same for your business
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The Facts
Cost of Absenteeism
In the UAE the average employee is absent from work 7.6 days per year: cost to the employer; 3,200 DHS 
Cigna - UK Health Insurance Provider 
Return on Investment 
Recent US studies have shown that medical costs fall by approximately $3.27 for every $1 spent on wellness program
The Case Study 
Johnson & Johnson estimate that their investment in employee wellness has translated to a a $250 million saving over the past decade 
Against this compelling background, Powerbase works with clients to devise suitable programs for key individuals and for teams to ensure that focus on professional competencies is balanced with equal attention to health matters - with both physical and emotional aspects



Private & Group Wellness Coaching
Powerbase supports clients to achieve overall organisational goals in terms of reducing absenteeism and fostering loyalty and commitment. These high level goals are then translated into realistic and meaningful programs for key individuals and teams. 
The starting point for every initiative has to be a full wellness assessment, this includes an analysis of the current physical and emotional state, gaps and risk areas. The process is then to structure and implement packages aiming to give employees a kick start and and build awareness of the direct impact of health, fitness, nutrition and lifestyle balance for professional success. 
All programs are designed to be achievable, sustainable and suitable to be integrated into working schedules and lifestyles.
Typical elements include:
▲  Wellness Assessments
▲  Individual Consultations (Body Composition Analysis etc) 
▲  Personal Training Programs 
▲  Nutritional Packages
▲  Group Exercise Classes (Live & Virtual)
▲  Individual & Team Training Activities & Workshops 
▲  Indoor & Outdoor Activities 
Warm Up on the Beach
"Sitting has become the smoking of our generation"
Nilofer Merchant 
Indoor & Outdoor Team Building Activities 
"Teams that train together, stay together"
In addition to professional competency development activities, Powerbase works with clients to offer customised and energetic teambuilding activities to further explore team dynamics, emotional intelligence and overall cohesion. 
Each activity is completely tailored to the needs of the organisation and particular team in question and utilises inspiring indoor and outdoor environments and intriguing contexts to unlock latent creativity and talent. 
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Corporate Fitness Motivation Programs 
The Powerbase approach is to unite the whole organisation in its wellness program and incorporate regular events and activities to challenge and motive individuals and teams.
Typical elements include: 
▲  Monthly, quarterly and annual challenges for teams and departments 
▲  Sporting and fitness activities, integrated with other corporate events 
▲  Inspiring and coaching teams to participate in local sporting activities 
Introducing Our Wellness Platform  
Powerbase brings you GoVida: a holistic solution to create positive changes in wellness behaviour, engaging and building winning teams 
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