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The Pillars 
The Powerbase Framework
The Power of 3  
The Powerbase framework for the creation of successful organisations 
comprises 3 key elements:
▲  Foundation - Understanding the current situation 
▲  Developing the 3 key Success Pillars
▲  Completing the Picture - drawing together of the elements 
Establishing the Foundation   
The starting point for all initiatives has to be a complete understanding of the "state of health" of an individual, team or organisation and a full inventory check on its strengths, competencies and relevant development opportunities.
To establish this baseline, Powerbase offers a range of diagnostic tools and programs, including:
▲  Leadership EQ Assessments 
▲  Team Vitality Assessments

▲  Brain Profile Assessments 
▲  Business Language Proficiency Assessments 
▲  Audit of Individual and Team Wellness
The 3 Success Pillars 
After many years individual and collective experience in a range of industries and across wide geographical territories, the Powerbase team have deduced that 3 vital pillars will determine the sustainable performance and success of organisations: 
Emotional Intelligence in its Leaders and Teams 
Proficiency in Communication 
Employee Wellbeing 
These pillars are the areas in which Powerbase focus and are at the core of all development frameworks and programs.
Completing the Picture   
There is an old adage that "what is measured gets done"; this is pertinent to all aspects of business and of life.
Powerbase is concerned that clients and their people are able to measure the results and benefits of each and every initiative. 
It is always recommended that post program assessments are conducted to quantify and qualify progress. Where applicable, team dashboards are offered to enable the tracking of activity and engagement with the program.
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